Visit Morse’s deli to experience a curated selection of charcuterie, cheeses and grocery, celebrating the classic tastes of Europe. 

Our deli case abounds with select German Schinken, Headcheese & Salami.

Parma Prosciutto’s, Speck and Mortadella from Italy.

Bavarian sausages, Polish kielbassa, Alpine cheese, Dutch gouda, aged Cheddar and so much more. 

Don’t know where to begin? Our deli staff is always happy to take you on a tasting tour!

Wander the Market and rediscover the old-world flavors of your childhood or try our samples and experience something new.

Tinned fish, caviar & pâte. mustard, rare spices, sauces & spreads.

European Wines, German & Belgian beers.

Miles of marzipan, lebkuken, Milka, Ritter and Haribo.

Swing by, spend some time, and you're sure to find something truly special.


& pickles

Today we continue to honor the traditional recipe & fermentation methods begun by the Morse’s family over 100 years ago.  

Using local, eco-grown cabbage from our neighbors at White Oak Farm, our cabbage is hand-cut to ensure quality. It is then shredded and tamped with a wooden mallet while adding just the right amount of sugar and salt to get the wild yeasts working.  

The cabbage is then pressed down by the same river rocks used for generations and allowed to ferment for a minimum of 28 days.

Our fresh sauerkraut provides your palate a range of flavors over its lifespan.  When first excavated, our kraut is teeming with healthy probiotic cultures, has a crispy fresh crunch, and the brine is bright and slightly sweet.  As the kraut continues to cure, it becomes more sour, developing a zippy fizz and deeper color.

No matter when you choose to eat it, you’ll find our living, fresh sauerkraut bears no resemblance to its mushy processed substitute.  


In 1918, Virgil Morse founded Morse’s Sauerkraut on his family farm in Waldoboro, Maine.

It has been over 100 years since that first barrel of sauerkraut was cut, and though its production has remained the same, Morse's has grown. Today, in addition to sauerkraut we produce a variety of traditional crock pickles, relishes, mustard and horseradish.

Our market and deli offer a wide variety of specialty grocery, sweets, cured meats, sausages, cheese, craft beer and wine from across northern Europe.

Relax... take the back roads and enjoy a taste of Europe right here in Waldoboro Maine.


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DAILY 10:30 AM - 4 PM

FOR TAKEOUT CALL: 207-832-5569

FOR TAKEOUT CALL: 207-832-5569