Today we continue to honor the traditional recipe & fermentation methods began by the Morse’s family over 100 years ago.   Using local, eco-grown cabbage from our neighbors at White Oak Farm we continue to hand cut our cabbage to ensure quality. It is then shredded & tamped with a wooden mallet, adding just the right amount of sugar & salt to get the wild yeasts working.  The cabbage is then pressed down by the same river rocks used for generations & allowed to ferment for a min of 28 days.

Our fresh kraut provides your palate a range of flavors over its lifespan.  When 1st excavated our kraut is teeming with healthy probiotic cultures, it has a crispy fresh crunch & the brine is bright & slightly sweet.  As the kraut continues to cure it becomes more sour, developing a zippy fizz & deeper color. No matter when you choose to eat it you’ll find our living fresh sauerkraut bears no resemblance to its mushy processed substitute.  

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In addition to sauerkraut we produce a wide variety of crock pickles made w/ raw apple cider vinegar, lacto-fermented half & full sours, relishes & pickled beets. Our entire process is by hand from the washing of the pickles, mixing the brine & packing the finished pickles in to jars for you!