European Market
elect Speck and Schinken hams from Germany, Parma Prosciutto from Italy, Bavarian sausages, aged Dutch Goudas, Swiss Gruyeres, English cheddars and hundreds of other fine meats and cheeses fill the “horn of plenty” that is Morse's cavernous curved-glass deli case.

The classic tastes of Europe abound throughout the market. You'll find fine Viennese confiture, classic German spaetzle, local artisan breads, mustards, canned and pickled fish, rare spices, seasonings, cakes, crackers and candies.

We'll slice your deli favorites as thin as you'd like while you watch and sample everything from our own aged cheddars to salamis and dipping sauces. Look for our exclusive line of Broadbents country hams, nitrate-free natural bacon and classic southern dry-cured meats. Don't forget to pick up some of our signature fresh sauerkraut and all-natural pickles.

Stop in and spend some time. You're sure to find something truly special!

sauerkraut in a crock
Eating fresh sauerkraut is a great way to protect the balance of bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. Unprocessed sauerkraut is one of the few foods that contain the beneficial bacterium Lactobacilli Plantarum. Many sources say raw fermented foods are beneficial to the digestive system by increasing the healthy flora in the intestinal tract or creating the type of environment for them to flourish. Eating fresh sauerkraut is also known to support the immune system and to help limit pathogens. Claims are common that Kraut helps inhibit diseases including the modern strains of influenza including Bird Flu and even cancer. All this from a food that is full of vitamins, low in calories and loaded with beneficial dietary fiber! No wonder fresh sauerkraut is referred to by some as the “Best Food in the World.”

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